Siinda is a non-profit Swiss association with a program for Entrepreneurs and Startups, as well as scaleup businesses.

We are holding a conference in Porto in October.  As part of that conference, we are doing a free 2-hour workshop for Porto local startups, scaleups, entrepreneurs, university programs, and accelerators.  We are a non-profit and this is to support the local community as two of our Board members are from Porto.

Siinda’s Entrepreneur and Startup Workshop

Porto, Portugal
October 24, 2023

Sheraton Porto Hotel & Spa

  1. do Ten. Valadim 146 · Porto

Free Workshop for startups, scaleups,universities, entrepreneurs, accelerators and incubators



Coffee and Cake- Meet the CEOs and Companies in the Siinda Network

15.00- 15.30.
Siinda for Start-ups Porto
Due diligence from an investor’s point of view?

This session discusses what investors think are the key indicators that signal a company’s success. How do they measure risk, how much attention do they pay to market segment trends, and what leads them to the final decision to invest in either a start-up or a scale-up?
Panel with Matteo Rizzi, Investor, John Goddard COO at group. one and Jon Martinsen, Investor and CEO of FCR Media Group

15.30 16.00
Siinda for Start-ups Porto
Thought leadership – How the University of Porto Innovation Helps Foster entrepreneurship

Siinda for Start-ups Porto
From Start-up to Unicorn: A Local Portuguese Story-Leadzai – Joao de Sousa Aroso

 This session focuses on how a local Portuguese company went from start-up to unicorn and is now partnered with companies worldwide.

16.30- 16.45
Siinda for Start-ups Porto
How to help startups, entrepreneurs and scaleups can it get it right from idea to exit- Greg Shepard (remote) 

Start-ups and scale-ups very often make the same mistakes.  This session, led by serial entrepreneur and investor, Greg Shepard, CEO OF Boss Capital, talks about how to avoid those mistakes and ensure your company can succeed and grow.

16.45- 17.00
Siinda for Start-ups Porto
How to use the Free Siinda for Start-ups E-learning platform- Tereza Komarkova 

Siinda Start-up platform is available free to all start-ups and entrepreneurs.  This session will explain to you how to us and get the most out of the tools available to you.

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Companies interested in the entire Siinda 3-day program can contact us for the special discount code for local companies, entrepreneurs, and organizations.