The Trade Promotion Council of India (TPCI) has requested the Embassy of India in Lisbon to examine whether it might be possible to source the following equipment from Portugal:

1. Oxygen Cylinders, D-type – 20,000 devices
2. Oxygen Cylinders, B-type – 10,000 devices
3. Oxygen Concentrators
i. 10 Lts capacity – 5,000 devices
ii. 5 Lts capacity – 3,000 devices
4. Oxygen Flow Meters – 25,000 devices
5. Oxygen Masks – 50,000 devices
6. High Flow nasal canulas – 1,000 devices
7. Pulse Oxymeters – 50,000 devices

We are already in the process of reaching out to local stakeholders, but would also request you to spread this notification in your respective networks. In the face of India’s severe second wave of Covid-19 infections and fatalities, we are striving to identify all potential suppliers of equipment that may help to remedy the situation. Please advise all relevant companies to approach the Embassy by email so that we can assess their proposals and put them in touch with the TPCI and/or other Indian entities.