Ukraine: Investment Opportunities in Exploration & Production – Strategic and Critical Minerals

Mineral resources base of Ukraine is able to meet the needs of the national industry and to facilitate its export potential.

Domestic enterprises consume mainly local raw materials for metallurgy, machine building and construction. Energy resources, agrochemical raw materials, non-ferrous metals and coking coal are imported in significant amounts, thus referring them to the critical minerals category.

Meanwhile, deposits of the so-called metals of a low-carbon future used in innovation technology are hardly produced. It is important now to increase their production and create beneficiation and primary processing capacities, as demand for them is expected to grow rapidly in the world market.

Available resources and prospects for production of metals of the future will enable development of new modern industries in the country. This flags their strategic importance for establishment of Ukraine on the global stage a in a new role.

The Investment Atlas of Subsoil User contains vacant subsoil fields with deposits of strategic and critical minerals for their purchase at e-auctions.

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