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The Platform Business On the Way offers, as part of their services, the aggregation of international tenders and it presentation for consultation. The Platform Business On the Way is not responsible for the information of third parties, nor for the relationships established from this platform. Please note that some tenders will require the subscription (free or paid) on the websites where they are hosted in order to download more detailed documents for possible reply to tenders. The Platform Business On the Way offers tenders for contracts of all sizes and in every market and sector.

A Plataforma Business On the Way disponibiliza, no âmbito das suas valências, a agregação de tenders internacionais e a sua apresentação para consulta. A Plataforma Business On the Way não se responsabiliza pela informação de terceiros, nem pelas relações estabelecidas a partir desta plataforma. Informa-se, ainda, que em alguns tenders será necessária a subscrição (gratuita ou paga) nos websites onde estão alojados a fim de efectuar o download de documentos mais detalhados para eventual resposta aos mesmos. Na Plataforma Business On the Way são disponibilizados tenders para contratos de todas as dimensões e em todos os mercados e sectores.

Management and Business Professionals and Administrative ServicesSERVICESNEW Document Management, as well as Document, Media and Hardware Storage and Destruction Services Click hereCanada05/01/202423/nov
CourierSERVICESNEW Courier Services Click hereUnited States of America02/01/202436C26324Q0144
VehiclesSUPPLIESNEW Five (5) New Zero Emission Vehicles (ZEV) Click hereUnited States of America31/12/202319J01023Q0023
ConstructionWORKSNEW Demolition of the Hoosac Stores Building at the Charlestown Navy Yard Click hereUnited States of America29/12/2023DEMO
Aircraft Components & AccessoriesSUPPLIESNEW T-38 Light, Landing, Aircraft, Nsn: 6220-00-884-8743rk, Pn: 2-60906-5, Alt Pn: G9945b5-4557 Click hereUnited States of America29/12/2023SPRTA1-23-R-0219-AMD-0002
Disinfection and DecontaminationSUPPLIESNEW ASP Sterilization Equipment Service Contract Click hereUnited States of America27/12/202336C25624P0106
AdvisorySERVICESNEW USPSC Leadership and Strategy Advisor Click hereUnited States of America27/12/2023720BHA23R00050
Professional, Scientific and Technical activitiesSERVICESProfessional Services MS D365 and MS Suite of Products - Onboarding Click hereCanada26/12/2023DOC983429384OB
ShippingSERVICESNEW Shipping and Storag Click hereUnited States of America25/12/2023N0010424QZA50
IT ServicesSERVICESNEW Encore Analytics Empower Software Click hereUnited States of America23/12/202380NSSC23823312Q
Operation and MaintenanceWORKSNEW Operations, Maintenance and Asset Management Services for Three Solar PV Facilities in Nova Scotia Click hereCanada22/12/2023AREA2023005
EngineeringWORKSNEW C1DB--614-24-102 AE Renovate Building 1A 3rd Floor to Relocate GI Lab Click hereUnited States of America22/12/202336C24924R0030
IT ServicesSERVICESNEW Request for Information (RFI) IT Support Including Engineering, Operations and Asset Management Click hereUnited States of America22/12/202375P00124B00001
RoadsWORKSNEW GAOA Elk City Wagon Road Improvements Click hereUnited States of America21/12/20231240LU24R0003
FoodSUPPLIESNEW CPS RFP - Nutrition and Food Service - April 1, 2024 Click hereCanada20/12/2023CPS_NFS_Apr2024
ConstructionWORKSRFC - Northside Health Centre - TP06 Interiors Click hereCanada20/12/2023Doc1458897982
ConstructionWORKSReplace Hospital Nurse Call, MATV, & Public Address System Click hereUnited States of America20/12/202336C26224B0002
RoadsWORKSLos Angeles River Toe Access Roads Repair Click hereUnited States of America20/12/2023W912PL24B0002
ConstructionWORKSNEW Metal Roof Supply and Install at Dr Melanson Seniors Residence Click hereCanada19/12/2023WD2023-71
IT ServicesSERVICESNEW Supply of Conferencing Tool for Continuing Professional Developyment and Medical Educaiton (CPDME) Click hereCanada18/12/2023DAL2023-029
ConstructionWORKSRemodel Building 57 Click hereUnited States of America18/12/202336C26024R0005
Fuels, Lubricants, Oils & WaxesSUPPLIESNEW Supply of Gasoline 95 and Diesel Click hereUnited States of America17/12/202319SA7024Q0002
Maintenance and RepairWORKSNEW Repair Roof, Revetment, Fuel Oil Storage Tanks at Osan and COB Bases, (LCS MATOC ONLY) Click hereUnited States of America17/12/2023W90VN6-24-R-0004
LandscapesSERVICESALB Tree Removal Services- Ohio Click hereUnited States of America16/12/202312639523Q0008
EngineeringSERVICESNEW Highway Engineering 2023 Click hereCanada15/12/2023Doc1705159462
Education and TrainingSERVICESNEW Student Services Consultant Click hereCanada15/12/2023STU2023-01
InsuranceSERVICESGeneral Insurance and Risk Management Services Click hereCanada14/12/2023WHRMFS23-01
Accounting, Auditing & TaxSERVICESAuditing Services Click hereCanada14/12/2023MDS2023-011
Maintenance and RepairSERVICESVessel Maintenance and Repair Service Click hereUnited States of America14/12/2023N6470924R0007
ConstructionWORKSParking Garage Fencing Click hereUnited States of America12/12/202336C24123B0016
Aircraft Components & AccessoriesSUPPLIESValve, High Pressure - and other replacement Parts Click hereUnited States of America11/12/2023N0038324QF092
LogisticsSERVICESE4B Contractor Logistics Services Click hereUnited States of America10/12/2023FA8134-26-R-0001
Professional, Scientific and Technical activitiesSERVICESThe Centre for Marine Applied Research (CMAR) is seeking support for the Coastal Monitoring Program involving the deployment, retrieval, and maintenance of oceanographic equipment Click hereCanada09/12/2023NSPERENNIA10
JanitorialSERVICESDetroit Janitorial Click hereUnited States of America07/12/202347PF0024R0007
ConstructionWORKSReplace Roof B-98 Ambulance Bay & B-58 Chiller Area Roof Click hereUnited States of America07/12/202336C25224B0002
Waste Water Treatment PlantsWORKSSaratoga NFH Water Treatment Rehabilitation - WY Click hereUnited States of America05/12/2023140FC124R0001
HVACSERVICESRegional HVAC Chemical Treatment Services Click hereUnited States of America05/12/2023N4008523R2685
EngineeringSERVICESStryker System Technical Support (STS) FY 24-29 Click hereUnited States of America03/12/2023W56HZV22R0144
ConstructionSERVICESFlooring Products and Installation Services Click hereCanada01/12/202323/set
Pest ControlSERVICESPest control services for all activities at the Defense Supply Center Richmond Click hereUnited States of America01/12/2023SP4703-24-Q-0004
Management Advisory ServicesSERVICESNorthlands Secondary Plan Click hereCanada30/11/2023MID2023-10
OutsourcingSERVICESStanding Offer for Temporary Services Contingent Labour Click hereCanada30/11/2023CW40376-TS
ConstructionWORKSY1DA--Construct Mental Health Outpatient Bldg. 52 (Minor) Construction - Fargo Click hereUnited States of America28/11/202336C77623B0075
RoadsWORKSPavement Preservation of Roads and Parking Areas in Gulf Islands National Seashore Click hereUnited States of America28/11/2023693C73-24-B-000004
RoadsWORKSZ--Project PIR Maintenance No. 1 - Road Construction on the Tohono O'odham Nation Click hereUnited States of America27/11/2023140A1123B0004
LandscapesSERVICESC211--509-24-701 - A/E - Improve Campus Landscaping (VA-24-00012061) Click hereUnited States of America27/11/202336C24724R0017
Prefabricated / Modular HomesSUPPLIESPrefabricated and Portable Building Click hereUnited States of America24/11/2023SPE8ED24Q0075
InsuranceSERVICESInsurance for the Government Leased Apartments in France in CY 2024 Click hereUnited States of America24/11/202319FR6324Q0001
LandscapesSERVICESDownTown Phase 4 Concept Streetscape Design Click hereCanada23/11/2023TOY-RFP-2023-003
ConstructionWORKSUniacke Square Exterior Upgrades Click hereCanada21/11/2023MET23-129
EngineeringWORKSGut Bridge Replacement Click hereCanada21/11/2023TOP-C3-2023
Management Advisory ServicesSERVICESRFEOI Port Hawkesbury Ocean Innovation Centre Click hereCanada21/11/2023TOPH202312
Management and Business Professionals and Administrative ServicesSERVICESProfessional Services to complete Road Safety Video Analytics Click hereCanada21/11/2023HRM-2023-2190
LogisticsSERVICESLogistics Support Services 2 (LSS2) for NASA Langley Research Center (LaRC) Click hereUnited States of America20/11/202380LARC24R0001
Professional, Scientific and Technical activitiesSERVICESUSAID Strategic Communications Support Activity Click hereUnited States of America19/11/202372011123R00006
Medical Equipment and Accessories and SuppliesSUPPLIESMedical Equipment Click hereUnited States of America18/11/202319UZ8023Q0042
JanitorialSERVICESMarket Survey - Janitorial Services at Samoa (TUT) SSC Click hereUnited States of America17/11/2023697DCK-24-R-00056
Maintenance and RepairSERVICESMetro Generator Replacement Click hereCanada16/11/2023MET23-124
RenovationsWORKSBedford Place Renovation Click hereCanada15/11/2023CN-39-FY24
Tools/UtensilsSUPPLIESSupply of Aeration Tool Click hereCanada14/11/2023Q49.2023