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The Platform Business On the Way offers, as part of their services, the aggregation of international tenders and it presentation for consultation. The Platform Business On the Way is not responsible for the information of third parties, nor for the relationships established from this platform. Please note that some tenders will require the subscription (free or paid) on the websites where they are hosted in order to download more detailed documents for possible reply to tenders. The Platform Business On the Way offers tenders for contracts of all sizes and in every market and sector.

A Plataforma Business On the Way disponibiliza, no âmbito das suas valências, a agregação de tenders internacionais e a sua apresentação para consulta. A Plataforma Business On the Way não se responsabiliza pela informação de terceiros, nem pelas relações estabelecidas a partir desta plataforma. Informa-se, ainda, que em alguns tenders será necessária a subscrição (gratuita ou paga) nos websites onde estão alojados a fim de efectuar o download de documentos mais detalhados para eventual resposta aos mesmos. Na Plataforma Business On the Way são disponibilizados tenders para contratos de todas as dimensões e em todos os mercados e sectores.

Education and TrainingSERVICESNEW RFSQ Learning and Development Supply Arrangement Onboarding Click hereCanada28/06/2024DOC297637562OB
EngineeringSERVICESNEW Factorydale Dam Safety Review Project Click hereCanada28/06/2024BER2024-002
ConstructionWORKSNEW Roofing Supplies and Services, Waterproofing and Related Products and Services Click hereCanada21/06/2024RFSO24-06
Medical Equipment and Accessories and SuppliesSUPPLIESNEW HealthPRO RFQ/RFP 03082 Rehabilitation Product Catalogue Contract Award Notice Click hereCanada19/06/2024HealthPROJUN2024
Firefighting, Rescue and Safety EquipmentSUPPLIESNEW Supply and Deliver One (1) Pumper Fire Apparatus Click hereCanada13/06/2024MDVFD-2024
JanitorialSERVICESNEW Janitorial Services, U.S. Embassy Olso Click hereUnited States of America13/06/202419GE5024R0061
ConsultancySERVICESNEW Standing Offer for Professional and Consulting Services and Certain Goods Click hereCanada12/06/2024INS2024-25-03
HVACSERVICESNEW Yosemite HVAC IDIQ Click hereUnited States of America12/06/2024140P8524R0005
Firefighting, Rescue and Safety EquipmentSUPPLIESNEW Pumper Tanker RFP Click hereCanada11/06/2024TOYPUMPERTANKER2024
ConstructionWORKSNEW Renovate Three (3) Schools, Montenegro Click hereUnited States of America10/06/2024N3319124R0011
ConstructionWORKSNEW Construct Prokuplje School Serbia Click hereUnited States of America10/06/2024N3319124R0015
CleaningSERVICESNEW Cleaning Services - Edinburgh Click hereUnited States of America07/06/202419UK5624Q0037
ConstructionWORKSNEW Mid Chesapeake Bay Ecosystem Restoration Barren Island Restoration Phase 2 Click hereUnited States of America05/06/2024W912DR24B0002
InsuranceSERVICESNEW Health Insurance for Locally Employed Staff for the U.S. Embassy Budapest, Hungary Click hereUnited States of America05/06/202419GE5024R0029
Management Advisory ServicesSERVICESNEW Osprey Village Enhancement and Beautification Plan Click hereCanada04/06/2024MODL2024-05-401
Firefighting, Rescue and Safety EquipmentSUPPLIESNEW Purchase of Two (2) Pumper Fire Apparatus Click hereCanada03/06/2024WHRMPS24-01
AdvertisingSERVICESNEW Marine Corps Recruiting Command (MCRC) Advertising Services Click hereUnited States of America03/06/2024M9549424R0001
Refuse Collection and DisposalSERVICESNEW Provide Refuse Collection Services for Department of Defense Joint Communications Engineering Support Element (DOD JCESE) in Miami, FL Click hereUnited States of America03/06/2024W9127824Q0008
IT ServicesSERVICESNEW Digital Signage Software and Support Click hereUnited States of America01/06/2024N3904024DigitalSign
Medical Equipment and Accessories and SuppliesSUPPLIESNEW Dental Equipment & Supply Click hereUnited States of America01/06/2024797652C040001R3
HealthSERVICESHealthPRO RFP - 07162 Point of Care Testing – Diabetes Management Click hereCanada31/05/2024HealthPROPOINTOFCARE
Medical Equipment and Accessories and SuppliesSUPPLIESHealthPRO RFP - 04353 Breast Reconstruction Implants Click hereCanada31/05/2024HealthPROBREASTREC
ConstructionSUPPLIESBuilding Supplies, Services and In Store Services Click hereCanada31/05/2024RFSO24-05
ConsultancySERVICESPEO MLB Organizational Change Management Consulting Services Click hereUnited States of America30/05/2024N00039-24-Q-OCM1
Medical Equipment and Accessories and SuppliesSUPPLIESHealthPRO RFP 02670 Respiratory - Laryngoscopes and Blades - Conventional Click hereCanada29/05/2024HealthPRODec2024RFP02670
Medical Equipment and Accessories and SuppliesSUPPLIESHealthPRO RFP 07463 Respiratory - Video Laryngoscopes Click hereCanada29/05/2024HealthPRODec2024RFP07463
ConstructionWORKSProject 512-23-904 4B Water Damage Repair Pt 2 Click hereUnited States of America28/05/202436C24524B0014
TransportationSERVICESVAMHCS Shuttle Transportation Service Click hereUnited States of America24/05/202436C24524R0044
ICT ServicesSERVICESLocal Exchange Services for Fort Johnson, LA Click hereUnited States of America24/05/2024W91RUS24Q0004
Education and TrainingSERVICESCombat Skills and Mobility Training Click hereUnited States of America22/05/2024N00244-24-R-0019
JanitorialSERVICESJanitorial and Landscaping Service at the Northern California TRACON (NCT) in Mather, CA Click hereUnited States of America22/05/2024697DCK-24-R-00100
EvaluationSERVICESNIAID Evaluation Services Click hereUnited States of America21/05/202475N93024R00011
AuditingSERVICESExternal Audit Services Click hereCanada20/05/2024DAL2024-3106
ConstructionWORKSForest Wide Toilet Building Painting Kootenai National Forest Click hereUnited States of America20/05/20241240LU24Q0032
ConstructionSERVICESProviding construction inspection services Click hereUnited States of America19/05/202419-AM10-24-Q-0001
HVACSERVICESHVAC Maintenance Services Click hereUnited States of America19/05/2024191T7024R0001
RoadsSERVICESPisgah RD Road Maintenance Project Click hereUnited States of America17/05/202412445224B0005
AuditingSERVICESChief Financial Officers Audit Click hereUnited States of America17/05/2024W56ZTN24R0009
Electrical WorksWORKSCBI24_1041 Mechanical and Electrical Upgrades for Building Systems Independence Click hereCanada16/05/2024CBI24_1041
Water and Sanitation ServicesSERVICESBissett Lake Pump Station Upgrades Click hereCanada16/05/2024T13.2024
Materials and ProductsSUPPLIESSupply of Sustainable Biomass Feedstock for NSHA Eastern and Western Zones Click hereCanada23/04/2024Doc1847654624
Water and Sanitation ServicesSERVICESWestville Water Meter Project Click hereCanada22/04/2024WSV2024-001
JanitorialSERVICESJanitorial Services for Myrtle Beach SSC Facilities Click hereUnited States of America15/04/2024697DCK-24-R-00016
ConstructionSERVICESConstruction of Health Facilities (HFs) in Nampula and Cabo Delgado provinces Click hereUnited States of America15/04/202472065624R00001
ConstructionWORKSProgressive Design Build for a New Physical Science Facility on the Halifax Campus Click hereCanada12/04/2024DAL-2024-3105
ConstructionWORKSSite Visit: Art Center-Exterior Envelope-Emergency Repairs Click hereCanada11/04/2024DAL2024-020
SecuritySERVICESSecurity Guard Services - Cape Breton Island Click hereCanada11/04/2024Doc1738541311
ConstructionWORKSLofton Reservoir Fishing Pier Construction Project Click hereUnited States of America11/04/20241240BH24Q0007
ConstructionWORKSRepair Leaking Roofs Click hereUnited States of America10/04/202436C26024R0024
ConsultancySERVICESConsulting Services for President and Vice-Chancellor Search Click hereCanada09/04/2024SMU24011
ConstructionWORKSAlderney Manor Sub-Basement Drainage Click hereCanada09/04/2024MET23-136
Maintenance and RepairSERVICESBerwick Electric Commission Hydroelectric Plant Turbine Removal, Repair and/or Replacement Click hereCanada08/04/2024BER2024-001
VehiclesSUPPLIESThirty (30) Large 4x4 SUVs Click hereUnited States of America07/04/2024W519TC-24-R-2037
ConsultancySERVICESComprehensive Decarbonization Plan Click hereCanada05/04/2024CBU-R2421
Education and TrainingSERVICESOCFO Professional Coaching Click hereUnited States of America05/04/2024123A9424R0002
Sewage WorksWORKSRepair Sewer Manholes Beale AFB Click hereUnited States of America05/04/2024FA468624F0005
LightingSERVICESVictoria Road Interchange - Roadway Lighting Installation Click hereCanada04/04/2024T2024-Q
MetallurgySUPPLIESSupply and Delivery of a Modular Type Bolted Steel Truss Bridge (NSPW2024-031) Click hereCanada03/04/2024Doc1883147786
ConstructionWORKSTusket Courthouse Exterior Painting Click hereCanada03/04/2024MODA0332
Water and Sanitation ServicesSERVICESSilver Sands Watermain Extension Click hereCanada02/04/2024T03.2024