In terms of having different climates and having ninety million hectares of grassland, twenty million hectares of forest, and seventeen million hectares of tree gardens, Iranhas the potential to grow and develop beekeeping, afield of animal husbandry, throughout the year.

Iran ranks 11th in the world in honey production and its share of honey to the whole world is 2.2%.Honey exports of Iran saw increase of 90% between 2001 and 2003and reached to $4,400,000 and its production has reached 83,700 tons in 2004.

At present, having 2.5 million modern beehives and 38,000 native beehives, 49,000 people are working in the beekeeping industry. According to the report of the Uremia Agricultural Jihad Organization, West Azerbaijan Province ranked first in the country due to production of 6,221 tons of honey in 2005 and 12.5% growth in 2006.

Ardabil Province, meanwhile, ranked third in the country in producing honey by producing 6,000 tons annually. According to experts in this field, its mountainous and varied climate have caused its mountainous honey be of considerable quality. But lack of a famous brand among the province’s honey producers, raw honey sale, and lack of proper packaging, all have deprived the province of its relevant revenues.

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