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Israeli Business Opportunity Network (IBON) is a vast, diverse and exclusive database, containing thousands of up-to-date business offers from all around the world (with hundreds being added every month), of companies seeking to do business with Israel.



Company Name: NYAX Ltd. 

We are a global fintech company, specializing in payments and M2M communication, and the leading provider of cashless payment devices,  telemetry, remote management and BI solutions.

We work with varied verticals and interface with most of the vending machines in the world, including:
• Automatic food machines (B&F) and not automatic (toys).
• Massage chairs
• Coffee and ice cream machines
• washing machines
• Lockers
• Kiosks
• EV chargers

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Company Name: SB PRO Import Ltd. 

We are active in the fields of hydroponic cultivation, agricultural products and gardening.

We manufacture, import and distribute the following products: lighting fixtures, bulbs, chokes, fertilizers, plastics, tents, processing machines, oil extraction machines, and a wide variety of other auxiliary products for the field.

Our specialty is in home growing and that is because the goal we have set for ourselves is that every plant that grows in the house under artificial conditions will feel that it is in the heart of nature, in the most natural and right place for it.

With us, quality comes first – so you will find only quality products that have undergone thorough quality control and have been tried by us.

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Company Name: Orbit FR Engineering Ltd.

Our company is a subsidiary of the global MVG company based in France and operating in the field of Imaging of electromagnetic waves and testing of wireless networks and antennas.

The Group has four companies, with our company, a leading and long-standing company in its own right.

The company is responsible for the development of systems for testing antennas in various segments, including the aviation, automotive, industrial industries, security and cellular.

The company builds the laboratories for testing the antennas, and also develops equipment for manufacturers in the various segments on to help them produce good products that are better suited to their needs.

In addition, in the company’s laboratories are carried out tests of the various products as part of quality tests (QA).

The company performs Turnkey projects for its customers and accompanies them throughout all stages of the process, from start to finish, from purchasing the systems, planning the projects, managing them, providing service and support and more.

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Company Name: Envigo CRS/RMS (Israel) Ltd.

Export/Joint Ventures/Services:
Breeding of SPF laboratory animals, contract research services, supply of diet and bedding for laboratory animals and associated services

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Company Name: BMT Diagnostics

Rapid Diagnostics Test- based on PATENT- NO STEP

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Company Name: Dead Sea Cosmetics

Face, eye & neck crème, night nourishing crème, anti-aging and anti-wrinkle products, shampoo, hair conditioner, body butter, hand and foot cream, body lotion, peeling scrub, deep cleaning soap, aloe vera gel, Dead Sea bath salt, mud, mask and serum

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Company Name: Beauty Image

All types of Products and Furniture for Beauty Professionals, Pedicurists and Beauticians

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Company Name: Best Trade International Enterprise and Trade Ltd.

Men Casual Wear, Men Work Wear, Women Casual Wear, All Include Jeans, Twill, Woven and Knit

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Company Name: Canada Food Ltd.

Legumes, Pulses, Spices, Nuts, Dry Fruit, Oil Supplements, Birds Food

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Company Name: Shaham Fertilizers – Ramnoa Organic Industries

Organic Fertilizers: Organic Fertilizer Pellets, Organo-Mineral Fertilizer Pellets, Liquid Fertilizers, etc.

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Innovative Genomics Software Solutions Provider

An Israeli company develops cloud-based, artificial intelligence, genomics solutions for agriculture and livestock. Their software solutions use big data and genetic sequencing to help clients in seed, food and other industries, breed new plant varieties, improving different traits like disease and climate resilience and higher yield. The company is looking to sell their services under a license agreement, and they are open to join-IP development with customers in return for royalties.

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Innovative Solutions in Plant Growth Management

This Israeli sustainable agricultural technology company is focused on root zone temperature optimization and irrigation by condensation. Their patent-listed product optimizes performance and reduces energy consumption, to bring maximum benefits to farmers.
The company is looking for distributors of farming equipment or irrigation systems under distribution services agreement.

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Cutting-edge Management Platform Software for Security Systems

An Israeli software company developed a simple and easy platform to manage the entire security system for small to medium organizations. The company provides an easy-to-operate, yet efficient, platform for managing all aspects of security systems of organizations. The company is looking for resellers of software in the field of security systems under license agreement or to connect with integrators under subcontracting agreements.

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Interactive Passenger Information Systems for Cities

This Israeli company develops an interactive information technology platform for cities and transportation, based on a touch display providing the passenger with personalized travel information. It serves residents and tourists, by providing different services required in the urban space. It improves passenger travel experience, strengthens community connections and reduces the city’s operational costs. The company is looking for partners in order to conclude distribution services agreements.

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Company Name: PacketLight Networks

Export: Wide range of WDM (wavelength division multiplexing) and OTN (optical transport network) products, that support any mix of data, storage, video & TDM services

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Company Name: Green Line Global – GLG Ltd.

Export: Wide Range of Sustainable, Biodegradable and Ecofriendly Industrial Cleaning Products

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Company Name: Tekoa Mushroom Farms Ltd.

Export: Fresh Ginger from Thailand

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Company Name: Magelan Planning & Engineering Consulting Ltd.

Collaboration/JV: Water and Infrastructure

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Company Name: Bawaco Israel Ltd.

Representation/Services: Food Processing and Automation – Plant Construction for the Dairy, Fruit Juice and Fruit Preparation Industries

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Company Name: Jagum Ltd.

Import-Export/Collaboration/Representation: Equipment for Bakeries and Patisseries, with the highest standards, and ISO standard authorization

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Company Name: Yayo-Jeans

Import-Export: Jeans for Men, Women and Kids

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Company Name: ROOTS – Sustainable Agricultural Technologies

It has developed a Root Zone Temperature Optimization (RZTO) technology which is considered as the next big thing in agriculture today.

The company is focusing on the Portuguese market and I kindly ask for your assistance in providing us with contacts within your network of anyone involved in cannabis turnkey projects (governmental too) as well as distributors of agricultural and irrigation equipment (with technical capabilities and connection to greenhouses agricultural projects).

RZTO enhances crop yield and quality while providing sustainable solution/technology for plant’s temperature control problems and irrigation at the root zone area. Advantages of this technology include:

  • Increased yield and quality, with reductions in growing cycles
  • Energy efficient, saving up to 80% of energy compared with air heating
  • Faster ROI than competing solutions, which are expensive to run
  • Real-time results tracking via smartphone and PC software
  • Eco friendly – competes favorably with fossil-based air heating companies and air free cooling mats for plants

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Company Name: Magal Security Systems

Export/Joint Venture: Comprehensive Integrated Solutions for Critical Sites, man-aged by Fortis4G – our 4th generation, cutting-edge hybrid PSIM with SEIM (Physical Security Information Management System integrated with Security Information & Event Management)


Company Name: K & Care Organics Ltd.

Export: Organic and Natural Body Care and Cosmetic Brands


Company Name: FLIXU

Export: Movies and music titles for WW companies as distributers, VOD/OTT/Mobile & TV appliances, etc.


Company Name: Y.S. Chemed Industries Ltd.

Export: Whole Grain Flours’ Wheat, Spelt, Rye, Barley and Rice


Company Name: Ora Winery

Export: Fruit Liqueurs


Company Name: Raz Pharmaceutics Ltd.

Export: Glycerin Micro Enemas for the treatment of constipation, 2 different presentations (Adults & Children)


Company Name: Marshall International Ltd.


  • Agro Commodities: Sesame Seeds, Sunflower Seeds, Rice, Sugar, Wheat, Corn, Pulses, Spices, Animal Feed, Edible Oils, Peanuts, Cashew Nuts
  • Homeland Security
  • Event Management, Business Center (with legal, accounting and marketing advisory)


Company Name: Sapo Group

Export: Heating, Ventilating & Air Conditioning Service


Company Name: Nando Technoligies Ltd.

Export: Autonomous Drone in a Box


Company Name: Taste of Asia

Import: Asian Food Products and Kitchenware from the Far East


Company Name: EasyLine Ltd.

Collaboration will be based on knowhow & technology transfer.

The Israeli company will provide full process package, technical support and formulation adjustments to meet specific market needs. This will enable optimal penetration and expansion in this most promising market.


Company Name: Kivema Ltd.

Import-Export: Premium Health Products, Pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices and Sanitizing Products



Company Name: M.R. PACK LTD.

Import to Israel: Israeli provider of plastic, packaging and storage solutions for institutional and business areas, is looking for manufacturers.

More information: 114345

Company Name: NAOT MEDICAL

Import to Israel: Israeli import and distribution company deals with medical products, particularly dental items

Export from Israel: 50,000PCS of FFP2 Medical grade duckbill shape face masks with EAC certificate.

More information: 114241

Company Name: Pavilion Spark

Import to Israel: An Israeli leading company in the automotive spare parts sector.

More information: 114243

Company Name: Tekoa Mushroom Farms Ltd.

Import to Israel: Israeli company specialized in cultivation, marketing and import of unique, high quality fruits and vegetables looking for suppliers.

More information: 82075

Company Name: Beni Bahig

Export from Israel: An Israeli Family Distillery Produces Arak, Vodka, Brandy and Wine out of Finest Ingredients is Looking for Distributors.

More information: 114244

Company Name: Breedex

Export from Israel /Joint Ventures: Israeli company offers a new method for breeding high-value vegetables, is looking for partners.

More information: 114248

Company Name: Fourtec

Export from Israel: An Israeli data logging system company wish to establish partnership.

More information: 114249

Company Name: YS-Products

Export from Israel: Israeli manufacturer of high-quality plastic materials and composites for construction, building, packaging, sealing and infrastructure industries is looking for distributors.

More information: 114331