The Platform Business On the Way offers, as part of their services, the aggregation of international tenders and it presentation for consultation. The Platform Business On the Way is not responsible for the information of third parties, nor for the relationships established from this platform. Please note that some tenders will require the subscription (free or paid) on the websites where they are hosted in order to download more detailed documents for possible reply to tenders. The Platform Business On the Way offers tenders for contracts of all sizes and in every market and sector.

A Plataforma Business On the Way disponibiliza, no âmbito das suas valências, a agregação de tenders internacionais e a sua apresentação para consulta. A Plataforma Business On the Way não se responsabiliza pela informação de terceiros, nem pelas relações estabelecidas a partir desta plataforma. Informa-se, ainda, que em alguns tenders será necessária a subscrição (gratuita ou paga) nos websites onde estão alojados a fim de efectuar o download de documentos mais detalhados para eventual resposta aos mesmos. Na Plataforma Business On the Way são disponibilizados tenders para contratos de todas as dimensões e em todos os mercados e sectores.

Footwear, Luggage and AccessoriesSUPPLIESNEW Footwear Click hereSwitzerland05/01/202400694507-2023
CleaningSERVICESNEW Building-cleaning services Click hereSwitzerland05/01/202400675628-2023
IT ServicesSERVICESNEW Exploitation, maintenance, hébergement et évolution de l’écosystème web du CHUV sur Typo3 Click hereSwitzerland04/01/202400687882-2023
ArchitectureSERVICESNEW Architectural services for the Mime business programme Click hereNorway03/01/202400710560-2023
Education and TrainingSERVICESNEW Education and training services Click hereUnited Kingdom31/12/20232021/S 087-226749
Management and Business Professionals and Administrative ServicesSERVICESBusiness and management consultancy and related services Click hereUnited Kingdom30/12/20232019/S 031-069867
Sewage and Refuse Disposal, Sanitation and other Environmental Protection ServicesSERVICESNEW Emptying sludge for Fauske and Sørfold municipalities Click hereNorway29/12/202300710169-2023
VehiclesSUPPLIESElectric vehicles Click hereNorway29/12/20232019/S 220-541014
CarpentryWORKSNEW Carpentry services and materials - 2024 - 2028 Click hereNorway28/12/202300704655-2023
SupervisionSERVICESNEW Supervision of building work Click hereSerbia28/12/20232023/S 225-708714
ConstructionWORKSNEW Parallel framework agreements for construction work in Østfold and Follo Click hereNorway27/12/202300709853-2023
Fuels, Lubricants, Oils & WaxesSUPPLIESNEW Petrol Click hereNorth Macedonia25/12/20232023/S 225-709349
HVACWORKSNEW Lots 24 Travaux installation de chauffage Click hereSwitzerland23/12/202300694779-2023
Sewage WorksWORKSNEW Lot 25 Travaux d'installations sanitaires Click hereSwitzerland23/12/202300694674-2023
ArchitectureSERVICESNEW Architectural and related services Click hereNorway22/12/20232023/S 225-707939
RoadsWORKSNEW County road 5246 Slettebrekka-Hetlevik Click hereNorway22/12/202300703197-2023
PrintingSUPPLIESMiscellaneous printed matter Click hereNorway22/12/20232023/S 193-603381
ConstructionWORKSNEW Piscine de la Fontenette - Réalisation d'un nouveau centre aquatique comprenant la rénovation de la piscine existante extérieure et la construction d'une nouvelle piscine intérieure Click hereSwitzerland21/12/202300691031-2023
Education and TrainingSERVICESNEW Procurement of professional driver training, individual places and group Click hereNorway20/12/202300703326-2023
Computer EquipmentSUPPLIESNEW FA Computers and computer equipment Click hereIceland20/12/202300709882-2023
Refuse Collection and DisposalSERVICESRefuse disposal and treatment Click hereNorway19/12/202300671991-2023
CateringSERVICESSchool-meal services Click hereSwitzerland19/12/202300671576-2023
Maintenance and RepairSERVICESRepair and maintenance services of building installations Click hereUnited Kingdom19/12/20232019/S 020-043515
Medical Equipment and Accessories and SuppliesSUPPLIESNEW Medical consumables Click hereNorth Macedonia18/12/20232023/S 225-709589
IT ServicesSERVICESNEW IT services: consulting, software development, Internet and support Click hereMoldova18/12/20232023/S 225-708776
ConstructionWORKSConstruction work Click hereNorway15/12/20232023/S 174-546856
Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)SUPPLIESGloves Click hereNorway15/12/20232023/S 188-586235
Power and EnergyWORKSRoof-covering work Click hereNorway15/12/202300666426-2023
ConstructionWORKSNEW Works for complete or part construction and civil engineering work Click hereMoldova14/12/20232023/S 220-693149
Real EstateSERVICESNon-residential property renting or leasing services Click hereNorway14/12/20232023/S 198-617587
ConstructionSERVICESConstruction supervision services Click hereMontenegro13/12/20232023/S 210-661286
Power and EnergySERVICESEnergy and related services Click hereSerbia12/12/20232023/S 208-656180
CleaningSERVICESCleaning services for ICG Click hereIceland11/12/202300665023-2023
ConstructionWORKSRoof-framing work Click hereSwitzerland11/12/202300672109-2023
Accounting, Auditing & TaxSERVICESAuditing services Click hereNorway08/12/20232023/S 203-639196
Medical Equipment and Accessories and SuppliesSUPPLIESEndoscopic Consumables Click hereIceland07/12/202300660581-2023
Waste Water Treatment PlantWORKSWastewater treatment plant construction work Click hereMontenegro07/12/20232023/S 207-650159
ArmamentSUPPLIESFirearms Click hereNorth Macedonia05/12/20232023/S 212-669931
SecuritySERVICESSecurity services Click hereMoldova05/12/20232023/S 210-664945
Office SuppliesSUPPLIESOffice equipment except furniture Click hereMoldova04/12/20232023/S 210-664450
CleaningSERVICESCleaning services Click hereMoldova04/12/20232023/S 210-661981
Farming and Fishing and Forestry and Wildlife Contracting ServicesSERVICESDog - Dynamic Purchasing Scheme Click hereNorway04/12/202300650566-2023
PrintingSUPPLIESPrinted books Click hereNorway01/12/20232023/S 207-650231
ConsultancySERVICES1144207 Vocational College for fire and rescue personnel, including H001 Builder Ombudsman and SHA Coordinator for the execution phase (KU) Click hereNorway30/11/202300650604-2023
FurnishingSUPPLIESFramework agreement - Furniture and fixtures (excluding office furniture) Click hereNorway29/11/202300650070-2023
Accounting, Auditing & TaxSERVICESAuditing services Click hereUnited Kingdom29/11/20232023/S 205-643630
Laboratory EquipmentSUPPLIESLaboratory, optical and precision equipments (excl. glasses) Click hereTurkey28/11/20232023/S 186-582252
ConstructionWORKSRénovation et mise en conformité sécurité-énergie du groupe scolaire des Pervenches Click hereSwitzerland28/11/202300643334-2023
EquipmentSUPPLIESMultimedia equipment Click hereSerbia27/11/20232023/S 198-616273
SoftwareSUPPLIESSoftware package and information systems Click hereNorth Macedonia27/11/20232023/S 206-649132
Refuse Collection and DisposalSERVICESRefuse disposal and treatment Click hereNorway27/11/20232023/S 207-650192
SecuritySERVICESGuard services Click hereMoldova24/11/20232023/S 205-646272
InspectionSERVICESBridge-inspection services Click hereNorway24/11/20232023/S 207-650196
ConsultancySERVICESSystems consultancy services Click hereNorway24/11/20232023/S 207-650176
Accounting, Auditing & TaxSERVICESFramework agreement ERP and economy model Click hereNorway23/11/202300650644-2023
Electrical WorksWORKSElectrical installation work Click hereNorway23/11/20232023/S 207-650224
Translation /Interpretation/TranscriptionSERVICESInterpretation services Click hereNorway22/11/20232023/S 207-650174
ConstructionWORKSBuilding installation work Click hereNorway20/11/20232023/S 207-650161
Power and EnergySUPPLIESElectricity Click hereNorth Macedonia20/11/20232023/S 206-649329
Medical Equipment and Accessories and SuppliesSUPPLIESMedical equipments, pharmaceuticals and personal care products Click hereNorth Macedonia15/11/20232023/S 207-650183