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The Platform Business On the Way offers, as part of their services, the aggregation of international tenders and it presentation for consultation. The Platform Business On the Way is not responsible for the information of third parties, nor for the relationships established from this platform. Please note that some tenders will require the subscription (free or paid) on the websites where they are hosted in order to download more detailed documents for possible reply to tenders. The Platform Business On the Way offers tenders for contracts of all sizes and in every market and sector.

A Plataforma Business On the Way disponibiliza, no âmbito das suas valências, a agregação de tenders internacionais e a sua apresentação para consulta. A Plataforma Business On the Way não se responsabiliza pela informação de terceiros, nem pelas relações estabelecidas a partir desta plataforma. Informa-se, ainda, que em alguns tenders será necessária a subscrição (gratuita ou paga) nos websites onde estão alojados a fim de efectuar o download de documentos mais detalhados para eventual resposta aos mesmos. Na Plataforma Business On the Way são disponibilizados tenders para contratos de todas as dimensões e em todos os mercados e sectores.

HVACSUPPLIESNEW Supply of Heater Packages and Burners Retrofit Click hereBahrain24/01/2024889/2023/BTB (TP-1066-2023)
Education and TrainingSERVICESNEW Industrial Firefighting and Rescue Training Courses Requirements for the Fire and Rescue Team Click hereBahrain10/01/2024858/2023/BTB (T66534(48))
Operation and MaintenanceSERVICESNEW Operation and Maintenance of Treated Sanitary Effluent (TSE) Network Click hereBahrain03/01/2024846/2023/BTB (SES-23/0031)
RoadsWORKSNEW Design & Construction of a Road Link and Re-designing of Roads of Nizwa Souq Roads in Wilayat Nizwa Al Dakhilya Governorate Click hereOman31/12/2023497231811
ConsultancySERVICESNEW Consultancy Services for Treatment of Water Stagnation on Asphalt Roads in Variation Locations at Al-dakiliyah Governorate Click hereOman31/12/2023497229496
Maintenance and RepairWORKSNEW Preventive Maintenance Breakdown Repair and Painting of Bapco Fire Trucks and Emergency Response Vehicle and Equipment Click hereBahrain27/12/2023872/2023/BTB (T59748(48))
Maintenance and RepairSERVICESNEW Maintenance and Rehabilitation of the Department of Agricultural Wealth, Fisheries and Water Resources in Al Musanna Click hereOman27/12/2023497256715
Maintenance and RepairSERVICESNEW Maintenance of the Robotic Surgeon Device Click hereSaudi Arabia25/12/2023497253605
ValvesSUPPLIESNEW Supply of Valves Click hereBahrain24/12/2023887/2023/BTB (PQ-2023-0002(56))
RoadsWORKSNEW Shaikh Zayed Highway to Saar Interchange Widening (Northbound) Click hereBahrain24/12/2023881/2023/BTB (RDS-22/0120)
ArchitectureSERVICESNEW EPC Contract for new offices of Bapco Energies at BFH Tower Click hereBahrain24/12/2023865/2023/BTB (RFP/NGH/2023/19)
LandscapesSERVICESNEW Operating and Maintaining Landscaping of Streets and Parks West of Mecca Click hereSaudi Arabia22/12/2023497253534
Electrical WorksWORKSNEW Replacement 11kv Switchgear at Refinery 66kv Substation Click hereBahrain20/12/2023877/2023/BTB (2023-153-PP-ETD)
Comercial ConcessionSERVICESAn auction to rent three spaces for the establishment of commercial shops (cafe, restaurant, and grocery store) in Salmaniya Medical Complex Click hereBahrain20/12/2023778/2023/BTB (GH/119/2023)
Production / BroadcastingSERVICESProducing Graphic Works for a Television Programme Click hereOman20/12/2023496690804
IT ServicesSERVICESNEW Developing and Maintaining Data Services at the National Center for Industrial and Mining Information Click hereSaudi Arabia19/12/2023497227589
RoadsWORKSRoad Construction at Umq Rubakh(pre-23-207) Click hereOman17/12/2023496690702
ConsultancySERVICESPost Qs Services for Construction of Dualzation of Al Ansab- Al Jifnain (pre-23-258) Click hereOman17/12/2023496690701
RoadsWORKSConstruction of Box Culvert and Road in Mabellah South (pre-23-245) Click hereOman17/12/2023496690793
IT EquipmentSUPPLIESProvision of (5) Mac Device for the Ministry Employees Click hereOman14/12/2023496648290
Pipe, Tubing, Hose & FittingsSUPPLIESNEW Supply of Pipe PVC Click hereBahrain13/12/2023888/2023/BTB (PT/CSD/MH/2023/142)
Committees /Conferences / Events / ExhibitionsSERVICESNEW Production set up for Two Events in April 2024 Click hereBahrain13/12/202319/2023/AABSC (IN/ALDANA/19/2023)
Medical Equipment and Accessories and SuppliesSUPPLIESNew Medical Equipment for ICU Expansion Project Click hereBahrain13/12/2023789/2023/BTB (GH/123/2023)
Spare PartsSUPPLIESSupply of Mayekawa Compressor Spares Click hereBahrain13/12/2023803/2023/BTB (TP-1101-2023)
Chemical ProductsSUPPLIESSupply of Activated Carbon for 5 Years without any Commitment Click hereQatar13/12/2023496694519
HVACSERVICESNEW Maintenance Service Contract to Clean and Disinfect HVAC Ducts in all Government Hospitals from 1 January 2024 and 31 December 2024 Click hereBahrain12/12/202346/2023/GH (GH-23-HA-1452 TB)
Fuels, Lubricants, Oils & WaxesSUPPLIESNEW Supply of Lube Oil For Alstom Gas Turbine Type 13DM Click hereBahrain12/12/202324/2023/EWA (2023-164-PIP-EPD)
RenovationsWORKSRenovation Work at Khawla Bint Al-azwar Basic Education School (1-9) in Khasab Wilayat Click hereOman12/12/2023496648301
TelecommunicationsSERVICESNEW Telecommunications Services Residential Market Survey Click hereBahrain11/12/20239/2023/TRA (TRA/RFP/INTERNAL/2023/006)
IT ServicesSERVICESA Project to Connect the Erp System to the Digital Business Platform Click hereSaudi Arabia11/12/2023496669212
Maintenance and RepairSERVICESNEW AMC of Elevator Maintenance Click hereBahrain10/12/2023874/2023/BTB (BP/016/2023)
ConstructionWORKSDevelopment of Capital Waterfront – Phase 1 – Construction Works Click hereBahrain10/12/2023786/2023/BTB (SPO/255/2022)
RoadsWORKSWidening of Budaiya Highway (Amas Access Improvement – Package 3) Click hereBahrain10/12/2023697/2023/BTB (RDS-22/0136)
ConstructionWORKSGeneral Repair at Safra Primary Intermediate Boys and Imam Ghazali Intermediate Boys Schools Click hereBahrain06/12/2023762/2023/BTB (BMD – 23/0021)
ShipsSUPPLIESB787 Evacuation Training Raft Click hereBahrain06/12/20232/2023/GAA (IN/GAA/2023/Q-066)
Education and TrainingSERVICESA Project to Teach English Language Courses for the First Year of Health Colleges for One Academic Year Click hereSaudi Arabia05/12/2023496655784
ConsultancySERVICESSultan Haitham City Phase-1, Consultancy Services for Overseeing the Developers Construction Work (odcw) Click hereOman04/12/2023496690693
Materials and ProductsSUPPLIESHot Sandwich Box Sleeve Click hereBahrain04/12/202316/2023/GF (23-10-2481-ITC)
ConsultancySERVICESConsulting Engineering Services for Road Design Works Click hereBahrain03/12/2023800/2023/BTB (RDS-23/0129)
MaintenanceSERVICESService and Maintenance of Fire and Gas Detectors Click hereBahrain03/12/2023754/2023/BTB (TP-1103-2023)
ConsultancySERVICESConsultancy Study for the Digital Transformation of Supreme Judicial Council, Oman Click hereOman03/12/2023496117329
Food / Beverages / TobaccoSERVICESFood and beverages provider to lease, operate, and manage on-site unit spaces for Exhibition World Bahrain Click hereBahrain30/11/20233/2023/EWB (EWB/INT003/2023)
RenovationsWORKSRenovation of NICU ward 307 at Salmaniya Medical Complex (SMC) Click hereBahrain29/11/2023719/2023/BTB (GH/120/2023)
Pipe, Tubing, Hose & FittingsSUPPLIESSupply of DI Pipe Fitting Click hereBahrain29/11/2023758/2023/BTB (PT/CSD/FA/2023/128)
CleaningSERVICESThe Provision of Cleaning Services for Ministry’s Buildings (main Building and Innovation Park Muscat Buildings, Oman Click hereOman27/11/2023496150365
Chemical ProductsSUPPLIESProvision of Supply Liquid and Compressed Nitrogen Click hereBahrain26/11/2023755/2023/BTB (TP-1086-2023)
Materials and ProductsSUPPLIESPurchase of Steel Plates for Stock Replenishment Click hereBahrain26/11/2023751/2023/BTB (Q63411(53))
Electrical EquipmentSUPPLIESSupplying, Designing, Installation, Testing, and Commissioning of 3-phase 12 Kv Automatic Line Voltage Regulators Equipped with Rtus and Dc System to Ensure Proper Functioning of the System and Telemetry to Scada Distribution Control Center, United arab emirates Click hereUnited Arab Emirates23/11/2023496136893
Electrical WorksSERVICESReplacement of 220kv & 66kv Transformer Protection in Etd Substations Click hereBahrain22/11/2023757/2023/BTB (2023-054-PP-ETD)
InsuranceSERVICESMedical Insurance for EDB Staff Click hereBahrain22/11/2023749/2023/BTB (RFP/09-2023/00)
ArchitectureSERVICESLump Sum Contract for Preparation of AsBuilt Architectural Drawings for 16 Schools Click hereBahrain19/11/202322/2023/MOW (IN/MOW/2023/644)
Pipe, Tubing, Hose & FittingsSUPPLIESSupply of DI Pipes & Fittings Click hereBahrain19/11/2023753/2023/BTB (PT/CSD/MH/2023/138)
IT EquipmentSUPPLIESSupply of MBus Master Click hereBahrain15/11/2023759/2023/BTB (PT/CSD/MH/2023/135)
RehabilitationWORKSRehabilitation of Jazaair Beach Avenue from Zallaq Highway to Gulf of Bahrain Avenue Click hereBahrain15/11/2023756/2023/BTB (RDS-23/0197)
Materials and ProductsSUPPLIESPurchase and Supply of Thermodynamic Steam Trap Click hereBahrain14/11/202323/2023/BAPCO (65692)
CleaningSERVICESProviding Cleaning services to Supreme Council for Environment Vehicles & Air Quality Monitoring Stations Click hereBahrain12/11/20235/2023/SCE (RFP/SCE/2023/05)
Social MediaSERVICESSocial Media Marketing Services Click hereBahrain12/11/20236/2023/AABSC (IN/ALDANA/06/2023)
RoadsWORKSRehabilitation of Budaiya Highway (from Avenue 14 to King Faisal Highway, Both Sides) Click hereBahrain12/11/2023752/2023/BTB (RDS-23/0199)
CleaningSERVICESProviding Cleaning services for Supreme Council for Environment Click hereBahrain08/11/2023750/2023/BTB (RFP-SCE/11/2023)
AdvertisingSERVICESBidding for renting and operating advertising sites of muppies type in Southern Area Municipality Click hereBahrain08/11/2023748/2023/BTB (MUN/SAM/A2/2023)